We foster political engagement.

Politics is greater than just those who currently hold a seat in the government. Our government is one of the people, by the people and for the people. We all have a role to play, whether we’re voting, phoning our representatives, attending rallies, townhalls, organizing events or running for office.

Over the past two decades there have been great technological innovations that have vastly changed the way in which the world communicates. We also are able to track and share data much more efficiently than ever before.

While tools like Facebook and Twitter help people be heard, there still has been little attention paid to tools specifically made to engage and empower people politically. Accurate Representation is changing that.

Accurate Representation is bringing Democracy into the digital age. We will offer a suite of action-oriented tools that will help people drive political results and transparency.



We’re witnessing a new age of activism in America. Whether for or against the current administration’s policies, in support or protest to a particular issue, more and more everyday citizens are becoming activists and organizers.

As it stands today, the toolset that Activists and Organizers use is fragmented at best. From our findings, folks use mostly Facebook and Twitter to organize and discover events, and those tools, while useful, are not made to support that activity specifically.

As part of our suite to foster political engagement and empower people to have their voices not only heard but actioned on, we’re building out tools to help organizers and activists.

Our main goals with the Activism MVP are:

  • Provide an easy way for folks to discover Organizations (Causes) they’re interested in supporting
  • Provide Organizations one centralized place to publish information about their organization
  • Give organizations the ability to create Actions for their followers to do to support the organization
  • Give users the ability to join organizations and have a feed of upcoming announcements and actions an organization may have.

Following is an overview of the different components of our Activism MVP.


Accurate Representation defines organizations as cause-based entities. This can range from a local group for neighborhood beautification, to an activist group such as the Women’s March, to a political party. The intention of the loose definition is twofold. One is to create a low barrier of entry for folks to start groups and get involved. Two is to encourage mobility - for example, an activist organization may end up becoming a political party.

Organizations will be able to do the following in the Activism MVP:

  • Post an overview of their stances on issues and policies,
  • Link to their social media profiles and websites,
  • Associate issues with their causes (more on this below)
  • Create actions for their followers to take
  • Make announcements to their followers.

Each organization in the MVP will be open, allowing any user to join an organization. Organizations announcements and actions will show up on the user’s feed.

Organization Discovery

One pain point we’ve continually heard is that it’s very hit or miss when folks are trying to find organizations for causes they believe in. Folks tend to either just search on facebook, hear about them through friends, or through traditional news media. Facebook search just was not meant to handle this type of request, and is catering to a broader audience.

Accurate Representation will address this gap by empowering users to search for organizations in a way that makes sense to them:

  • Issue (eg: Women’s Reproductive Rights, more on this below)
  • Proximity Tolerance (How far away from a particular zipcode)
  • Keywords (eg: Women’s March)

Searching by issue is a powerful feature that will help concerned citizens and activists connect with organizations that are helping to address issues that they’re passionate about. The ability to easily find organizations that align with one’s views will help organizers grow their organizations and increase the overall exposure and momentum of their cause.


In order to be effective, people and organizations need to take action. As part of the Organization functionality, Accurate Representation will have a feature that enables Organizations to set actions for their members to do.

Some examples of these actions might be to call their representatives, or attend a rally.

These actions will appear both on the Organization's page, and in the user’s feed.

Organization Administrators will have the ability to create and remove actions from their organizations.

User feed

This is the user’s action and news center. The user’s feed will be a center for all of the announcements and upcoming actions any organizations a user’s a part of show up.

This will empower users to easily find items they care about to become involved politically, and will ensure consistent engagement for organizers.


Issues are a feature at the core of Accurate Representation. At its core, politics are a series of issues and what our stances are on them. We organize groups and political parties along the lines of issues that we agree or disagree with.

For the Activism MVP, the scope of Issues will be an organizational component to help users find organizations on issues that they care about. As Accurate Representation grows, Issues will play a large role in each new component.


While the activism platform will help our voice be heard, we won't stop there.

Here's a list of upcoming platforms and projects we will be delivering to you to help make our democracy more representitive:

  • Representitive Scorecard
  • Participatory Bills
  • News Aggregation
  • Participatory Budegeting
  • Political Jobs
  • Participatory Issues
  • Fundraising